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Who We Are?

Meet June Mokoka; she is the Founder of TheReformist Social venture, where her primary focus is to enhance and enrich anyone screaming CHANGE. She is the bestselling author of “Just Do It; Don’t Stop” and an expert on motivating people to throw off self imposed limitations in giving their best to the world. She holds a B-Tech Degree in Human Resources Management from Cape Peninsula University Of Technology; A Post Graduate Certificate in Economics & Public Finance from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Social Science in International Studies from Monash University.

June has been exposed to diverse ideologies and life changing situations that would shape her persevering attitude. She personally learned critical life lessons and dramatic experiences that acted as catalysts to her advocating that one wrong turn in our life path should not halt our success. She often proclaims that “change is possible, but it is not free from obstacles.” Her current platform focuses on self-reliance and non-hierarchical leadership development. June uses material she designed from real life experiences and customized to the needs of her audience.

Her interactive content includes but is not limited to self-awareness, social and emotional development, self-reliance, professionalism, active citizenry, peaceful social change, and more. She partners with and support educational leaders, parents, employers, and mentors in developing young people. Her fresh approach has been described as 'inspiring, charismatic, yet sincere because her smart approach is what is required towards positive personal and social transformation

A social entrepreneur, author, thought leader and speaker — with a vision to support and inspire people with empowering tools to drive positive social change since 2011. As an innovator and global thinker, her talent lies in activities that affect a diverse range of social issues. Her mind is immersed in solving interesting challenges and exploring uncharted territories. She is passionate about giving people a glimpse of what could be achieved through collaborative efforts and fearless attitudes. Her true satisfaction comes from changing the world for the better and that earned her an honorary membership of the Golden Key International Honour Society. She has read over 100 books on personal development and self-motivation. In regards to development, her personal motto is..."Create the change you want to see, criticizing and complaining around the water cooler, supermarket queue or coffee table has never yielded tangible results” In her leisure time, June enjoys time with her husband and two children. She is currently based in Kimberley in the Sol Plaatjie Municipal area in South Africa.