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Growing Smart Leaders!!

Growing Smart Leaders has a powerful message to share through creative motivational talks and workshops that are customized to needs of your school, Institution Of Higher Learning, Organisation And Organized Social Groups June Mokoka, is an accomplished speaker having honed her speaking and training skills for over a decade. She also offers program consultation to schools and organizations for civic educational programs. She spreads a message of self-reliance and persuades her audience to develop their leadership abilities. Her approach offers practical tips that gives you the green light to start your own leadership path even if not in a leadership position.

Welcome to TRSV

As its name suggests, the company was founded out of the need to facilitate a new generation of independent thinkers.
We house the publication SmartMoves Magazine, and our content is inspired by the universal values of the Declaration of Human Rights that aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations (MDGs).

The Reformist aims to bring together people who are serious about taking action towards active citizenry and positive social change. The devastating events of violent conflict geared at social transformation inspired our concept to encourage young people to MOVE SMARTLY towards sustainable development and our implementation tools are; SmartMoves Magazine, Motivational Talks, Youth Empowerment Workshops, Active Citizenry Seminars, Books, and many other empowerment tools.

Our Debut Book

Just Do It Don't Stop
Is change whispering in your ears? Are you tired of bowing down to the dungeon of mediocrity? #JustDoItDon'tStop channels your thinking process as you aspire to follow in the direction of your dreams. It is an easy to read daily inspirational book to help you navigate everyday life challenges with the full knowledge that courage, purpose and fear go hand in hand. If you are serious about making a difference in your world of influence, be prepared to meet with obstacles, failures and hindrances that will cause you to question your decision. It is not always easy, but the real mistake is when you stop trying. What is important is the steps you take to "Just Do It; And Don't Stop".

What are you waiting for? Get a copy of Just Do It: Don't Stop" and change your life